Ficha técnica

Inscripción Abierta Novedad

Duration: 16 hours

Where: Heilpraktiker Institut Barcelona

When: 10-11-2018 


  • 9 november: From 5pm to 7pm.
  • 10 november: From 10am to 2pm. and from 3.30pm to 7.30pm.
  • 11 november: From 10am to 2pm.

Addressed to: Health practitioners and anyone interested in personal growth. There´s no need of previous knowledge.

Registration: For registration contact the email below:

Accreditation: A certificate will be presented upon completion of the course. 

Información del curso

MindTouch® is a connection-based healing technique that has a direct effect on your wellbeing.

Of all our senses, TOUCH is the one most linked to our emotions, and the only one absolutely essential to reach our full potential as human beings.
MindTouch® is a form of physical mindfulness that invites you to practice meditation through safe, nurturing, gentle contact.

The basic principles of this technique come from integrating Biodynamic Craneosacral Therapy and Bodywork in a way that nurtures your body and calms your mind.

This improves stress related disorders like anxiety, insomnia, headaches, digestive or respiratory problems, depression or low energy, and shows us the way to tap into our own health. It breaks away with the feeling of separation and connects us with a sense of belonging.

This beautiful form of meditation will remind you of the power you hold in your hands. You´ll explore the connection with yourself and others and discover that you always had the ability to connect and synchronize with others through your hands. 

You´ll learn a simple sequence and some tools you can take with you and practice straight away in your practice or with your loved ones.
In the words of a MindTouch@ student at Mindvalley University in Tallinn this summer “…MT slows down time and allows me to connect with myself and others… I want to bring this to my family. Even when we don’t have anything to say, or when it´s difficult to make a connection, this method opens the conversation, it opens the  flowing of love and it´s a beautiful start of a meaningful connection”.

It´s practiced fully clothed on a comfortable surface without any products and can be enjoyed by everyone.

For more information you can download your free ebook at

Course program:

MindTouch is divided in three areas:

  • Reconnect with your personal power
    • Become aware of your Midline
    • Relate to the Breath of Life
    • Connect with the Primary Respiration 
  • How to induce harmonic resonance
    • Biodynamic and biokinetic energy
    • Inertial fulcrums 
    • Synchronizing frequencies
  • Listen with your hands
    • Learn to integrate the three energy centers: head, heart and core
    • Practice a bodywork sequence to balance the body, energy and mind.

Folleto informativo

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Más información

Staff docente y asesores

Lourdes Aldanondo

Founder of MindTouch®, Health Practitioner and Biodynamic Craneosacral Therapist.